Family 4 in hand

Our Farm

The Frank Leyendekker Family lives in Visalia, in the middle of the beautiful Central San Joaquin Valley of California. Their family has been involved in agriculture specifically in the dairy business for many years. Their love for the Friesian horse originated from their ancestry in Friesland, The Netherlands.


Stallion Services

The Leyendekker Ranch is a distinguished breeder of top quality Friesian offspring. Breeding services are provided at the ranch or by ordered shipments. The quality and pure breed of the Friesian lineage in these beautiful horses are what we strive to preserve.


Our Horses

We love the Friesian horse with its royal beauty and gentle nature. All ages of the Friesian horse can be seen as you visit our ranch. The horse in the pasture, under saddle or behind a carriage displays the majesty and power of our gorgeous Friesian.